Charley de Limur lives and works in the small, rural town of Calistoga, in the wine country of northern California, where he concentrates primarily on landscape painting, using oils and pastels. Born in San Francisco, he was also raised for eight years in Paris, France, where his first-hand exposure to the Impressionists had a lasting influence on his own style. For many years he owned and operated a fine art silkscreen studio, both in Washington DC and San Francisco, collaborating with a number of other artists and exploring a variety of visual styles. He has exhibited in solo and group shows in San Francisco and Washington DC, as well as the Napa Valley Museum and the Napa Valley Open Studios. Charley graduated from Oberlin College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, where he concentrated on art, theater and communications. Currently, his home and studio are in a forest at the top of Diamond Mountain above Calistoga, where, now that their two kids have moved to Los Angeles, he still lives in creative chaos with his wife and their 32-year-old Amazon parrot named Miro.

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